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So many people live on a tight schedule today. They have exams to pass, deadlines to meet, overdue projects to finish, children to raise, etc. We have no time for only one person - ourself. This lifestyle will, in one way or another, take a toll on us. Low spirits, depression, lack of energy... let's stop painting the bleak picture, you get the point.

Seeing people in our surroundings be overcome with pressure, we decided we had to help somehow. Then, we realised the best way would be educating them about the symptoms and consequences of an overwhelmingly stressful lifestyle. Another goal was teaching them about the mechanisms of conquering all the emotional challenges. We wanted to make them winners in their everyday struggles. And what a better way to educate them, then to provide a link to all the best psychologists and life coaches there are.

That's how Read with me platform was born and has helped thousands of people ever since become stronger than ever before.

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Take your pick from our huge collection, and start drawing motivation from a multitude of books that will be at your disposal all the time.

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Everything you'd like to read will be just one click away. All you need is just one device and a cosy corner.

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...You won't even need Internet access since you can download all of your top or current reads onto your device. So, wherever you are, you'll be able to relax and recharge over one of our uplifting editions.